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Golden Hour Goals: Beach Dance Photography Tips

Picture this: the sun dipping low, casting a golden hue across the sandy shores, while the sound of the waves provides the perfect backdrop for a breathtaking dance session.

Yep, we're talking about beach dance photography – where movement meets nature in a mesmerising fusion of beauty and grace.

In this post, I'm sharing my secrets of how to capture those "wow"-worthy moments that'll make you want to dance in the sand 'til the sun goes down.

1. Catch That Golden Hour Glow:

Set your alarm for the crack of dawn or the gentle glow of dusk – that's when the beach becomes your actual canvas. The golden hour isn't just a vibe; it's a whole mood. With its soft, dreamy light, it'll turn your beach dance shots into pure poetry.

When is Golden Hour exactly?

The 'Golden Hour' is that magical time shortly after sunrise and just before sunset when the sun sits low in the sky, casting a soft, warm, and diffused light. It usually lasts for about an hour after sunrise and before sunset, though it can vary based on location and season.

Aim to schedule your shoot during these times for the most flattering lighting conditions. Remember to check a reliable sunrise/sunset calculator or app for the exact timing in your area, as it can change depending on factors like weather and geography. Many photographers love shooting during the golden hour for its enchanting quality, which can elevate outdoor photos, including beach dance photography.

Kate Tip: I also love the half hour before sunrise and after sunset!

2. Go with the Flow (Tide, That Is):

CHECK the tide charts, fam, take it from me. Low tide equals more beachy-ness, which means more space for your dancers to work it without dodging the waves. High tide? Not so much. Keep an eye on those waves and plan your shoot accordingly. Flexibility is key – just like in dance!

3. Embrace the Breeze & Flowy Threads:

Beach hair, don't care! Let those locks flow in the salty breeze, and don't be afraid to rock some flowy fabrics at the same time #looooooove. Whether it's a billowing skirt or a gauzy scarf, movement is your bestie when it comes to beach dance photography. Embrace the wind, the waves, and the endless possibilities.

4. Say Bye-Bye to Beach Clutter:

We're all about those #CleanBeachVibes. When setting up your shot, keep an eye out for any beach clutter that might cramp your style – we're talking stray beach balls, abandoned sandcastles, people, you name it. Keep it clean, keep it classy, and let your dancers take centre stage against that pristine backdrop.

5. Gear Up & Protect Yo' Tech:

Last but not least, protect your gear like it's your precious cargo – because let's face it, it kinda is. Invest in a sturdy camera bag to keep sand and saltwater at bay, and don't forget to slap on a UV filter to shield your lens from the elements. Oh, and always have a lens cloth handy for those impromptu wipe-downs. Safety first, folks! p.s. wear sunscreen.

So there you have it, friends – your ultimate guide to slaying the beach dance photography game like a pro.

From catching that golden hour glow to embracing the salty breeze, these hacks will take your beach dance shots from basic to boujee in no time.

Until next time, keep dancing and keep shooting!

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