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How to Prepare for your Family Photoshoot!

If you're anything like me you may feel the need to be super prepared for your photoshoot! I'm talking; outfits laid out, makeup booked, family members practicing their smiles!

It's totally fine if you're not though because I've put together some tips for you!

  1. Colour Co-Ordinate Your Outfits The classic denim and white will always work as a last resort! If you are in to something a little different, try matching everyone's outfits in different shades of one colour eg, blue or red. Having an outfit change is a great idea!

  2. Pick a location that matches your vibe If you are a beach family we should absolutely go there! If you more prefer the countryside, let's go explore the hinterland! We know so many different location options so just let us know what you like and we can tell you some options!

  3. Laugh, a lot! A family photoshoot is a great opportunity to have fun, laugh and make beautiful memories, that we can capture! Don't be afraid to laugh out loud and go with it!

  4. Bring props, personal family items or inspiration photos If you have any ideas about what you want for your photos, including inspo photos or props etc PLEASE tell us in advance! We love incorporating and really personalising your family photos!

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